I was lying in bed at noon that day, and a stream of heat flow was transparent and frightened. I thought it was amniotic fluid and then another stream. On the way to the hospital, I couldn’t help but stand up. As soon as I relax, I want to flow. I always tell the doctor that what flows is transparent liquid. The doctor’s B-ultrasound examination is fine. I prescribed some medicine to go home and stay in bed. I went to the toilet in the hospital and saw that the sanitary napkins used at night were full of blood and overflowed. Cotton trousers were quickly opened for hospitalization, but there was no infusion in hospital or bed to take medicine. I would like to ask if the length of your cervix is the same as that of your cervical canal. I 1.28 check the length of cervix 40mm 1.30 because the Chinese New Year doctor let go of the hospital check into the length of cervix 30mm now stay in bed at home but the heart is very worried about asking the doctor to help dispel doubts? ?

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