Female, 14, Abdominal distension, bowel belching for three months, Exhaust a lot, stool is normal once a day, Eat bifidobacterium, Simethicone oil, Digestive enzymes and other drugs are useless, During the period, I went to the hospital for B-ultrasound and Helicobacter pylori. Blood routine is normal, Helicobacter pylori negative, But there are lymph nodes, The doctor prescribed antibiotics and Brahman’s yeast, I’m much better after eating it for three days, After stopping the drug, it continues to flatulence, It’s no use eating any more, Later, I did B-ultrasound. Everything is normal, Recently, abdominal distension and bowel sounds are more serious, Fever in the stomach, After taking Chinese medicine, The belching is much better, My abdominal distension is better. I went to a Chinese medicine hospital recently. According to gastritis gastric ulcer treatment, Let acupoint injection and medicine, After playing for five days, Abdominal distension and bowel sounds are more serious, The stomach burns after meals, The feeling of heat surged up, I have a dull pain in my stomach, But the doctor said that 15 days a course of treatment, It is said that medicine promotes gastrointestinal activity, It’s normal. Let’s continue to take injections and take medicine. There are bowel sounds in the lower abdomen. Generally, flatulence is mainly in the lower abdomen. There is also a feeling of gas wandering in the lower right and left lower abdomen. The stool is once or twice a day. (Banana-shaped) Pay great attention to diet. I didn’t exercise before. I started exercising recently. I don’t want to ask me if this situation is gastritis and stomach ulceration. Or intestinal dysfunction? Do you need to do gastroscopy and colonoscopy? Can bowel sounds be caused by this disease?

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