My baby went to my grandmother’s house to pay New Year’s greetings today. Today, the weather is bad, it snows, the wind is strong and the temperature is low. After the baby finished eating milk at about 11:40, he hugged and lay flat on the bed to sleep. After drinking milk for about 1 hour, I picked it up after waking up, and suddenly spit milk. There was milk in my mouth and nose, which returned to normal after treatment, and my face and lips did not turn purple. After returning home in the afternoon, my mother put it flat on the bed after nursing, and spit milk again, this time it was the back milk in her mouth. (Later, it was found that the window of the room was not closed.) Excuse me, how is the doctor’s spitting milk caused, is it related to the baby’s cold, or is there other reasons? Please ask the doctor to help solve it.

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